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    Stock Vista

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    Stock Vista

    Introducing an Inventory Automation System that has been designed to cater to your business needs with 11 modules that work cohesively together. Built with Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, Raw JavaScript, and Vue JS, this system provides a comprehensive solution for inventory management.

    With the User Modules, you can add multiple roles and assign role-wise permissions to users. It also allows unlimited users to be added, making it easy to manage a large team. The System Data module enables you to add and manage units, product types, transaction types, and more.

    The Supplier and Customer modules allow you to manage your business contacts, while the Bank module enables you to keep track of all your financial transactions. The Purchase module allows you to record all purchases made, while the Stock module enables you to manage your inventory levels with ease.

    The Sale module allows you to record all sales made, while the Transaction module enables you to keep track of all financial transactions. The Reports module provides multiple reports like the Daily Transaction Report, Product Report, Stock Report, and more. Finally, the Settings module allows you to customize the system according to your business needs.

    Overall, this Inventory Automation System is a comprehensive solution for all your inventory management needs, and with its intuitive user interface, you can manage your business efficiently and effectively.

    You can check my DB Design here : https://dbdesigner.page.link/oDCPdjL4vXaEn7149

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